Why add MORE STUFF to my site?

I’ve been working with my original webmaster, who built my main Voice Actor page, for several months now, to add a Word Press back-end to my simplified website, that contains my name, my descriptive title, my 3 main voice demos and my contact info. If interested, potential clients may click my social icons to visit my Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel or Google+.

In an effort to make things simple for my clients and not just my visitors, we added a CLIENT ACCESS button to allow them to download their audio files once I complete a VO project for them. It’s pasword protected, unlike my past links I sent them. AND, now we’ve added a “MORE” botton too. So let me share a little history to my madness…

I read blogs from many of my associates on a regular basis. You know who you are. I have found I too like to write and share my thoughts, if I can add to the discourse. So, my Blah Blah Blog was born. Actually, renamed to be more relevant. Several of my past blog entries are included, due to their timelessness. And I have listed my favorite active blogs under the banner of my Top 15 Voice Blogs. I know there are a bunch more out there, but many seem to have lost their zest, due to their latest entires remaining inactive for 1 to 5 years since their last entry. I don’t consider them relevant if they aren’t actively updated.

You’ll also find a PROfile of my background and description of my vocal abilites…several more definitive Demos of other genres…my preferred Talent Team, (Ones who subscribe to my same workhouse attitude)…Clients that I have had the honor of contributing to their subsequent advertising or informational VO presentations…Specs of my DigiStudio and access to delivery methods….and finally a Contact Form to give my potential clients a portal to contact me with their voice requests.

Yes, it may seem like I’ve added a bunch MORE STUFF, but as stated, it’s OFF my main page, only IF you want to venture on to learn MORE.

Please use the COMMENT button to add your 2 cents if you wish. Love to hear from you.

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