New Business

In an effort to offer my client list a bit of an extra “oomph” to their bag of tricks, this month I offered my clients a FREE audition of their proposed spot, narrative project or any audio specialty that they can pitch to their potential current customers or new clients in an effort to drum up new business.

It’s a “win-win”. If I can cut a portion of the audio for a script that the agency wants to pitch to their clients and they get to hear how it can sound, it adds extra value to their pitch and has a better chance of bringing in a timid client or helping the client pitch it to their “powers that be” in order to get that buy.

The client seizes the opportunity – the agency makes a successful pitch and I win with bringing in some business that was out there just waiting to be plucked off the proverbial advertising tree. Everybody’s happy. And the agency remembers what you have done for them by going that extra mile and you most certainly are remembered for being the inventive catalyst for the buy that made it all come together.

Have you done this or a version of this before? Do your agencies ever ask you to do free voice work in an effort to secure business? What are your thoughts?