What They Say

“Johnny is one of the best voice talents I’ve worked with.  He’s always fast with turnaround and always spot on.  He’s easy to get a hold of and always friendly to deal with.  I would highly recommend working with Johnny to anyone.” – Scott S, Decorated Air Studios

 “Amazing turn-around, very creative ads and fair prices.  I always love working with Johnny George.” – Charles D, Montana Group

“…Flexibility & timely turn around.” – Tammy W, Bic Graphic North America

“I can honestly say that working with Johnny is an absolute blessing! Not only does he have spectacular talent himself, but has some of the best voices in the industry. We often need off beat characters and he always deliver the best of the best. Johnny’s also magnificently fun to work with! I’d have a beer with him anytime.” – Lori T, Learfield

“I hire Johnny because he listens to the client, takes direction extremely well and always leave my clients with a smile on their faces.” – John M., Dog and Pony Studios

“Because I know that behind the solid delivery and the confidence I have, that work will be delivered on time and on budget.  Plus, JG is the face of a ruggedly handsome man working in his underwear…” – Jim E, JD Byrider

“Thank you very much! Johnny is always great to work with and the promptness is appreciated! Rated a “10 out of 10”. – Richard M, Blue & Co.

“…10 out of 10!! Great to work with and goes above & beyond! “– K. Luu, Luu Creative | Los Angeles

“I like cooperating with Johnny George Communications a lot. Johnny and his colleagues are very nice, reliable and deliver the best quality recordings on time. I can suggest their services- you won’t be disappointed.”– I. Malec, Senior Project Manager, RPM Studios | Poland

“…9 out of 10! Quick turnaround!”– B. Fife, BLASTmedia | Fishers

“We’ve been working with Johnny George for about 10 years now, WOW more than a decade! He has done a fantastic job delivering a friendly and informative voice for our clients over the years. He does great character voices too!” -P. Arthur, CEO, Inhance Corp. | Los Angeles

“…Great service and a large variety of voices to choose from. Worked with Johnny multiple times and the process was quick & painless!” – A. Kruesmark, Masergy Communications | Plano, Texas

“…Quality work and on time. need I say more about Johnny and his Posse? I dare you to give his gang a try.” – R. Aris, WOW Music / asa productions | Destin

“Johnny’s approach to each job is fresh and unique, offering multiple takes on how a script can flow… this will occasionally make me rethink how to visually convey a message once I hear his approach. He has always provided rapid turnaround and is always eager to help on new projects, even when he may be swamped. I’ve worked with Johnny for over ten years and look forward to continue working with him and his optimistic spirit whenever possible.” – K. Kinney, Creative Services, NOKIA | Palo Alto

“…Johnny produces a great product and is easy to work with!” – T. Whisner, Social Media Specialist, Coles Marketing Communications, | Indianapolis

“I’ve worked with Johnny for years and always found him to be positive, friendly, enthusiastic and professional. Plus, he’s got the kind of voice that my customers keep coming back to.” -B. Lynne, Executive Producer, Shockwave-Sound | Norway

“…10 Stars out of 10. Thanks again Johnny!” – P. Alaggio,CEO, Interactive Office Solutions, Readsboro

“It’s always a pleasure to have Johnny represent us on various commercial projects. To have someone always prepared and deliver a professional performance is what we have grown to expect from him. The bonus is he is also a man of integrity, honor, and good humor…”
-S. Welker, Casting Director, Artistic Enterprises, Inc. | Indianapolis

“Johnny rocks! My clients said, and I quote, “I LOVE IT!!!!! (yes, all caps and 5 exclamation points) Therefore, I love it to! (no caps, one exclamation point). Great Job.” -R. Barth, President, Honce Oui | Chelsford

“Wow! What a find! Positive, versatile and incredibly collaborative. Johnny is the kind of voice over talent you don’t find very often. Johnny is so good, so intuitive, so knowledgeable, his very first undirected demo made air on a national spot for one of our biggest accounts! He’s really that good!”
-S. Duffy-Lehrman, Vice President/Creative Director, Tropical Survival Advertising & Marketing | Miami

“…A real pro who gives every project his very best effort! “-P. Paluso, Creative Director, Tourdesign Creative | Indianapolis

“…Always easy to work with! “– B. Jarecki, SmartCall Media | Omaha