Talent Team

This is the Johnny George Communications Talent Team! We work with some of the most talented and experienced male and female voice over artists in the country. If we don’t have a voice you’re looking for, we can certainly find it! Check out all the different audio files, and let us know when you’re ready to get started!


She’s an engineer. She’s a mom. She’s bilingual (¿Qué tal?). She’s on the short list for the Indianapolis Colts when it comes to VO. Her clients in Mexico, Denmark, India, and across the States keep coming back because she consistently delivers what they want and when they need it. They get a lot of mileage out of Amanda’s mid-range, neutral accent voice, and appreciate the fact that she even likes to take direction…and easily flies solo without it. She is professional. Reasonable. Positive. Adaptable. She is your storyteller.



Home builders, credit unions, furniture stores and retailers listening for a friendly midrange male voice take advantage of Andrew’s storytelling style. But, like a good whiskey, the flavor is wider than a single read. From cartoon characterizations to long form narratives, Andrew is an accomplished, 30-year veteran voice actor whose commitment to client satisfaction is summed up by compliments such as being “one of the easiest voice talents to work with”. Available by appointment, and on short notice with immediate audio file delivery. Phone patch compatible.



Bobbi is a Voice Talent as well as an Actress. She’s one of the industries more polished and professional African American, NON-urban voice actors. This NYC based talent lends her smooth, rich voice to TV/radio commercials, her lyrical sassy style to video games/animations and her refined vocal training to e-learning, documentaries and narrations. Bobbi is upbeat with lots of smile – her specialty: Voice acting & comedic dialog. JGC is proud to add her vocal stylization to our Talent Team.



Carolyn is a multi-faceted female voice artist. From a sweet Mom getting the kids ready for school, the school teacher teaching the class, to a mature woman with dementia in a hospital – Carolyn brings that something special to her delivery and charm. Real – you bet, conversational dialog, she’s on it! Add that “true” demension to your next project. She’ll make it seem so easy.



Cate has a voice that easily changes from smooth and sexy, to crazy, sarcastic, and witty, to serious, trustworthy, and professional. Over the last 15 years, Cate has voiced many different characters: the aggressive hockey chick screaming for the Dallas Stars, the sophisticated shopper at Ethan Allen, the slightly crazy girl from the deep south, and the instructor for a new AT&T product line. As one client said, Cate’s narration style is vocal silk. Cate utilizes her home studio and is available by appointment.



From smoothly conversational, to urban cool, Donovan has what it takes to give your project that extra edge. His African American heritage makes him one of the most sought-after voice talents who can turn it on or off to meet your project needs. His deep, rich and effective vocal ability shows off his very versatile range as well: from soft to hard sell, warm and compassionate to authoritative. Donovan brings his unique interpretation to scripts and has graced the airwaves with many Fortune 1000 companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike and many others. His versatility makes you sound great at a reasonable rate!



Efrain is the kind of guy that can go from low to high in the flip of a switch. With over 10 years of experience working with diverse advertising agencies, catering to the Spanish market all over the western hemisphere, he understands what it takes to gives your read the emphasis it needs. Be it hard-sell, soft-sell, radio, TV, Internet or even PA announcements – his vocal range can go from jovial and conversational, to institutional and hard.

And if you are stuck with a script? He understands the different subtleties in the Spanish speaking world, and can make sure your translation is worded correctly and focused to the right market. If you need it fast and good? Efrain’s your guy!

**Spanish speaking / Spanish translations also available for a nominal fee



If you need a professional voice for your presentation; a warm delivery for a public service announcement or healthcare spot; a sultry sound for that irresistible product; an authoritative voice for your school or ballot measure; an intimate sound for a romantic restaurant; a sarcastic delivery for your message; or a realistic and smooth sound for any occasion; Jodie Stevens is that voice for your project. Jodie has been a voice talent for eighteen years and one thing she understands all too well; sometimes you need it yesterday; Jodie is fast, reliable, versatile, and never far from a microphone.



The first thing people usually say is “real” when they hear Mo’s voice. Friendly, approachable…but not afraid to show a little attitude, too! Mo has the flair to add warmth where it’s needed and cool when it’s called for. From commercials and radio imaging to narration for major corporations…she’s done it, and she’d love to prepare an audition for your project.


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