More JG Demos

Welcome to the demos page! Check out all the different audio files, and let us know when you’re ready to get started!

Commercial Demo

Johnny has been voicing commercial messages for decades. His warm, friendly, natural sounding signature style is his trademark. However, you’ll notice a variety of styles and dialog delivery as you listen to his Commercial Demo. Credibility and versatility is key to JG’s effective branding of products. His midwestern, non-regional persona is well received by clients world-wide. You may have heard him as a spokes person for Thomasville Furniture, Campbell Soup, Bright House Networks, Busch Gardens, Intell, Michelob, FOX, Sylvan Learning and others. Visit our Contact Page to get started…


Political Demo

Johnny has been the “voice” for many campaigns, due to his sincere and believable manner. Political commercials demand credibility and the facts can be portrayed by George’s timeless delivery. We have helped win elections in Hawaii, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin over past political cycles. When your candidate needs a real and credible voice to bring home a message – think of us. Can we bring Johnny’s touch to your campaign? Grab the lever on your right and contact us now.


Automotive/Up-Tempo Demo

Johnny can do those screaming ads or your sophisticated and reserved voice reads promoting the latest model or clearance sale. Everything must go! We have helped sell Chevy’s, Jaguar’s, Dodge’s, Honda’s, Volvo’s, Hyundai’s, Nissan’s and about anything with 4 wheels. We do 2 wheel motorcycles too. Put the pedal to the metal and drive your requirements to our Contact Page now to get started.


Animation/Character Demo

The world goes round with smiles, fun & humor. So who better to add a bit of their personality into their animated roles than Johnny? This animation demo highlights several attitudes and characters that have been requested for projects aound our globe. Some have become stars in their own right on morning radio shows, several are animated cartoon characters in TV commercials and some are seasonal voices for highlighting our holidays. Munchkins, Santa, elves, penguins, mechanical toys and more. Need to create something wacky? Click on Request a Quote and give us some info and we’ll get started.


Dialog Demo

Throughout Johnny’s life, the school plays, variety shows and talking behind the teacher’s back – JG has refined his dialog to be credible, natural and fun. Give a listen to his demo and you’ll understand why it was so hard to keep him quiet. (By the way: the last dialog is between two trees as characters for the Palm Spring Tramway in California and Johnny is both voices. See…uh, schizophrenic too. Shhhh) Contact one of the many personalities of Johnny.


eLearning Demo

Johnny and his Talent Team have been producing voice tracks for eLearning since it hit the internet. Voices must be effective and personable and hold the attention of customers, students and audiences from the comfort of their computer screens. Special rates for long-term projects are available too. Clients include, Motorola, Siemens, Roche Diagnostics, Rolls Royce, Healthbridge, Lincoln Technical, Blue Cross and many more. Class…dismissed! Now, fill out our Contact Page.


Narrative Demo (Corporate reads)

Narrative voice work is an art form. Johnny George has been recording narrative projects for companies all over the world for decades. On-Line web presentations, corporate workshops, trade shows, DVD mailers and many other mutimedia projects. Corporations ask for Johnny due to his story-telling and/or informational read that enhances their product. Clients include, Motorola, Bahrain Airport, Siemens, Roche Diagnostics, Rolls Royce, Lincoln Technical, Blue Cross, The College-Net and more. If your company needs qualified, competitive, professional voice talents – you’ve landed on the right spot. Please proceed to our Contact Page now and let’s get started!


On-Hold Demo

Don’t you hate being put On-Hold? Yes, so do we. Time is a valuable commodity and there simply is no reason to waste it. So why not ask Johnny George to inform, educate or entertain your caller when you’re too busy to get to the phone immediately? You most likely have heard Johnny or one of his Talent Team while you have been on-hold. We love to help you pass the time in an effective way. What better way to do so, then to let us do your IVR prompts, voice-mail or other telephony. Please visit our Contact Page when you’re ready to dial us up.


Podcast Demo

Johnny George became involved in the Podcast craze right out of the box. It’s one of his best avenues of natural delivery, as you can hear. Johnny produces several weekly Podcasts for clients here and abroad. Sell your product, your service, related topics of value to your website visitors and make it into a Podcast. We add personality, music and touch of zing where needed to bring our clients Podcasts above the fray. Let us know what you have in mind and let us design a Podcast for you. Competitive rates for weekly, monthly or quarterly versions keep us in the game. Grab your iPod and visit our Contact Page when you’re ready to get started.