Fix That Script

One of the first things I do before I read a script is to audit all the verbiage. As a Midwesterner originally, we tend to turn our “for” into “fer”. Our “twos” into “tah”, ect.
One of the easiest things to do is find these “lazy” words and replace them with the phonetic fix. Replace “for” with “4”. Replace “two” or “to” or “too” with “2”.
Also look for those words that are not necessarily in your vocabulary. If the word is unfamiliar to you, go to YouTube and find that word in a video online. Usually if I do not know the proper pronunciation of a company name or product, I do just that. Always try and find a legit posting from the company itself.
If, as an example, you aren’t sure how to pronounce “Husqvarna Motorcycles”, go to YouTube and find it said properly. Once you do, then replace the actual word you’re having a problem with in your script, with your understanding of the word. Husqvarna = HUSK-varna. When your eyes see it, it will have a better chance of pronouncing it properly with confidence, than stumbling over it in the actual read.
What words do YOU have problems with that eventually make you SCREAM!?

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