We pride ourselves as being competitive and fair with all of our clients. We’re in this for the long haul and are anxious to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Most of our clients do appreciate our rate structure especially when we can be flexible working within client budgets.

  • Our client-driven attitude shows and our professional reputation speaks for itself. We’re aware of what others may be charging and we continue to keep our rates within line of our marketplace.
  • All rates are voice-only. Studio usage fees may be included unless otherwise noted.
  • New clients are requested to pre-pay via PayPal® before we can begin your project.
  • Monthly retainers are available in an effort to control costs over a long term agreement.
  • Payments available via PayPal®, Credit Cards (VISA, Discovery, American Express) direct bank transfers, company check, certified check and money orders. All rates are USD.
  • No additional charges for any mistakes made on our end. All scripts sent to us should be in final, approved form. Any revisions or additions of scripts will be charged a small nominal fee.
  • All invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless otherwise negotiated by both parties.
  • Market Exclusive only applies to broadcast imaging, unless negotiated.
  • Our competitive voice rates are based on the industry standard Rate Guide of The Global Voice Acting Academy – GVAA.
  • Our voice work is based on usage and default usage is based on a standard industry 13 week run of schedule. Full buyout available for a nominal additional charge.

Payment can be made through our “contact page”.