Auditions – Winter 2010

We last checked in on our latest auditions in January. Here are several of what we have had the opportunity to audition through February so far:

  • Cabrini College
  • Atlas
  • Mediacom
  • Bank of Ann Arbor
  • Disney Alliance
  • Sears Service
  • Bright House Networks
  • Hungry Howies
  • Captain D’s
  • Centerpoint Energy
  • Rhode Island Lottery
  • Sage Technologies
  • Exxon
  • Shoney’s
  • Carmax
  • Huntington Bank
  • Elanco
  • Tom Adam’s
  • Milwaukee Journal
  • GW Hospital
  • Billy Graham Evangelical Assn.
  • Coton
  • Scoop Away
  • Bailey’s Irish Coffee
  • Value City
  • NASA
  • Cardinal Health
  • AAA
  • Budweiser
  • OK Tourism
  • White Castle
  • Lee County Tourism

Auditions listed are from current agencies, my talent agents and online membership-based online sites.

Social Links now available

If you haven’t been by our website recently, we just launched our new Social Links to Facebook, Linked in and YouTube. You can follow our dribble and nonsensical rants and raves on Facebook and Linked in. You’ll notice that the forums on Linked in for the voice talent community has become quite, uh, vocal.

Additionally, we have uploaded a variety of TV spots to YouTube we voiced for clients over the past few years. Car spots, colleges, doctors, amusements and more.

We welcome your comments and opinions, as always, and hope to see some participation in the forums and our daily observations. Jump in – the water’s fine.


Are YOU carrying the ball?

Being a small part of the Butler University alumni and a resident of Central Indiana, I watched with countless other basketball fans as the Butler Bulldogs brought their 25 straight game winning streak to the stadium floor of the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis this weekend. Saturday night they stayed basket-to-basket with Michigan State… and Monday night, they joined the talented Duke Blue Devils in the final match of a tremendous year.

What a fabulous, edge of your seat game. The final buzzer left Butler’s ball in mid-air as it sailed to the final basket attempt that was just a bit too hard and rolled off the rim to put Duke back in the Winning seat as the NCAA National Final Four winners over Butler 61 – 59. But that’s not to say Butler wasn’t a winner too. This incredible group of young men had bound themselves together as a close-knit band of focused ball players that made us all proud.

My point, in relationship to my voice acting career can be summed up by stating – Just because you don’t win the BIG game, doesn’t make you any less of a winner if you play hard, work hard and aim for that winning game. I may not be announcing each night for FOX or CBS, but my work stands as winning work for me and makes me strive for the next big game. You’re a winner too if you are doing all you can to achieve that next big voiceover job and continue to climb and learn and practice and keep it in your sights. You don’t have to have taken over for the late, great Don Lafontaine as the trailer voice for every new movie coming out of the left coast, but you do need to apply the same work ethic to continue to grow personally and maintain that winning attitude and heart it takes to continue to climb.

Butler can hold it’s head high and proud. They may not be the #1 NCAA team in the country, but coming from obsurity to the #2 college basketball team in the country is no small feat.

In the words from the movie, Hoosiers, “Be the best that you can be….”Go Voice Actors!

JGC Video Promo

Johnny George Communications Video Promo

Wondering what the difference is between a voice over and an experienced voice over? Watch the video, and you’ll see why Johnny George Communications is your best choice for your next voice over project.

We’re not just a bunch of blah – blah – blah….