You Never Write anymore…

…and I feel bad about that. Really.

I really meant to disapline myself and write at least one entry into my blog each week. Haven’t been such a good soldier, huh?

Since I last wrote, I’ve been pretty busy. Another 80+ more spots for Sylvan Learning… JD Byrider spots and another fun spot for my clients in Trinidad/Tobago. Add in voicing a half dozen cars commercials in Philly, Chicago and Little Rock, plus several hospitals that I voice semi-regularly. It’s been a good couple of months and I’m not complaining. Not to forget, Intel, John Deere, CloudSwitch & Samsung 3D. The narratives continue to keep me busy too. Not so much Marketing On-Hold this quarter.

Auditioned for quite a few of my agencies with the likes of: Sparq, Sam Ford, Easy St. Toyota, Unity Hospital, Direct Buy, Bismark, Shoney’s, Huntington Bank, Senaca Casino, Elanco, Milwaukee Journal, Bright House, Naturemade, Albert Sales & Liquidators, WEG, GW Hospital, Billy Graham Foundation, ScoopAway, Congressman Smith, Bailey’s Irish Coffee, Value City, Sears, NASA, AAA Motor Club and Canadian Natural Gas. Many thanks to these folks who keep my studio humming and trying alot.

You must always remember that these auditions are the keys to building and practicing our voicing trade. I may not get a huge amount of them, but I do OK and truth be told, my ROI is well worth it regarding my paid online investment with, which is the only one I am paying for presently and my other agents who regularly send me auditions. Hey they need their 10% ya know.

I’d love to hear what you do with your day. Feel free to add your comments below so we can all learn from each other. And I promise to blog more often so I don’t have to ramble on & on and sound like I’m tooting my horn. Only letting you peek behind the curtain of my DigiStudio.

Blog ya later…