Vacation? NOW you’re busy!

Business slow? Hey, just announced that you are going on vacation and you will have clients new & old coming out of the woodwork.

I was planning a 10 day vacation at the front of December and put the word out on my signature, a mass email to all my clients and listed it on my studio calender and WOW…I was busier than I had been in months and all at once. Don’t know if this is the rule, but it has happened more often than not. Funny as it may seem, but when clients have plans for upcoming projects – then once they know that their voice guy might not be available at a moments notice, they freak out and grab you immediately. Trouble is, they all seem to react at the same time.

So if your business is slowing down and you need a kick in the proverbial “work pants”, just announce that you are going to take some time off and set a date. Never fails. And this year was the best and most stressful.

Off we went – The sun felt good and I truly needed the break after that!